101: pH – Potential Hydrogen

What is pH and why is it important?

pH –  is a measurement of how acidic or basic a solution is. This is determined by the number of hydrogen ions in the solution.

A correct range of pH is essential for all living things on this world. All beings have an optimal pH range where growth is best. Ultimately pH affects a variety of factors in a living organism such as the rate it breathes at and how efficient it is at regulating chemical reactions in the body and blood. It also affects a beings metabolic process and most importantly digestive enzymes and food absorbtion.   Tanks with a pH that is too low will have shrimp with extremely slow growth. However, if the pH is too high it can also be harmful to shrimps’ growth and survival rates, so controlling pH is of utmost importance in your tank. And the simplest way to control a steady pH for your aquarium is to use a shrimp specialized substrate that helps stabilize pH to the right level for shrimp.

Testing Your pH