Hi Everyone!

It has been a while since we have posted any updates on the site and I apologize for being out of touch. We are getting ready and fine tweaking everything that has to do with the website and e-commerce so that your ShrimpFever! experience will run smoothly every time you visit our site. Also during the month of May and beginning of June we have been extremely busy with traveling around, personal stuff, family stuff and other career stuff. That Jumble of craziness is finally over so please expect a lot of great things to come from us this summer!

We happened to be in St. Louis Missouri in May for a few days for a business conference. We booked an extra day so we could check out the St. Louis City Museum’s World Aquarium. Not only was the aquarium amazing I was flabbergasted on how incredibly fun and amazing the whole Museum was! So many creative minds were clearly at work here, I have never been to a museum ever before that was like a huge playground for both children and adults; Secret passageways, jungle gyms from one floor of the museum to the next. A beautiful miniature city with a miniature train that carries children around a tour…operated by a little person… I also took pictures with the world largest pencil.  We didn’t have enough time to see the whole museum so we focused on the aquarium. It was so kid friendly, with trap doors and secret tunnels everywhere, one even through the middle of a huge aquarium so it was as if you were in there with the fish!  I took as many pictures and videos with my Nikon and my iPhone and compiled a video for everyone on some of the creatures and stuff we got to see there. There were a few of shrimp some giant ones and a “shrimp cleaning station” which was cool, however I didn’t have the right lenses and lighting to take any acceptable pictures of them unfortunately. Sorry, hopefully next time I will have leveled up in skill and figured out a way.

These are some of the videos and pictures I took. Most pictures and all videos are from my Nikon D5100, The videos from my iPhone I was unable to use with Windows Live Movie Maker without it crashing, so you guys are missing out on quite a bit of footage. I will make a second one once with those videos as soon as I get my new MacbookPro (hurray!) and this video turned out to be quite long anyways.
I hope you enjoy the Video and I will be back very soon with more Videos, Articles and more!