For this month, we’ve gone festive and have all xmas colored shrimp on sale, so Snowball Shrimps, Crystal Red Shrimps and Green Shrimps are all on sale!

Newest Arrivals

Snowball Shrimps –
Chocolate Shrimps – $19.99ea or 5 for $81.99
Bumblebee Shrimps – $3.99ea or $3.79 for 10+
Green Shrimps (Caridina Balbuti) – $3.49ea

Crystal Reds “A/A+-SSS/SSS+” Grades :

  • A grades for only $3.49ea
  • S grades only for $4.99ea
  • SS grades only for $9.99ea

Crystal Black “A/A+-SSS/SSS+” Grades:

  • From $4.49ea – $18.99ea (price break @ 10+)

Still Available

Tiger Shrimp – $4.29ea or $3.49 for 10+
Orange Eye Black Tigers – $39.99ea or $29.99 for 5+
Blue Velvet Shrimps – $5.99ea or $5.29 for 10+
Orange Shrimps – $4.49ea or $3.69 for 10+
Yellow Shrimps – $4.49ea or $3.99 for 10+

***Also any purchases over $40.00 automatically qualifies you for a free sample pack of BorneoWild Color (5g), BorneoWild Grow(5g), and BorneoWild Spinach(5g), and BorneoWild Barley (5g). PLUS!! Any purchases will qualify you for the Xmas raffle draw for a free BorneoWild Stainless Steel Sand Flattener shipping included! (A $34.99 value)