Understanding Your Water

TDS 101 for the Freshwater Aquarium

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids or Total Dissolved Salts.  TDS is the measurement of all inorganic and organic dissolved solids in your water. This includes your important things such as calcium, magnesium and carbonate that you can measure using your kH, gH, pH kits. However, it also includes all the other dissolved minerals, salts and more. Basically anything that…

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Testing for KH – Carbonate Hardness 101

Carbonate Hardness is something that you need to understand and to take in consideration when you think of your water. Although it does not directly affect your shrimp or fish, it does play a big part in your waters pH (Potential Hydrogen/Alkaline or acid level) in your tank. http://youtu.be/2bhzPZyLPow The “K” in kH is from the German word Karbonate and…

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