Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your store hours?

A: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are reducing our hours to 12-6pm every day of the week.


Q: Do you still allow in store shopping?

A: We currently have in store shopping.


Q: How does ShrimpFever’s DOA policy work?

A: Once it is determined that all requirements are meet for DOA guarantee, ShrimpFever will email you a DOA credit note that can be redeemed at your next online order.

Sample DOA credit note: John Smith placed an order on January 1st, 2019 and 2 out of 10 cherry shrimp DOA.

Email body:

Then with a new order of 8 Cherry Shrimp, we will send you a total of 10 to accommodate the DOA credit.

Due to ever increasing difficulties with logistical costs and timing, we have to regretfully now limited DOA CREDITS to be only redeemable within 1 year of the ordering date as of January 1st, 2021. To redeem, all you have to do is copy and paste the email body into the “Customer Notes” section during check out and we will process your order accordingly. If you do not use the note, no DOAs will be sent with the new order.


Q: Our package is late according to delivery standards, what happens?

 For late packages due to some courier-related issues, we credit you FREE shipping for your next order. Please note the handling costs of $5.00 is an additional charge as per our standard order shipping costs.

There are some EXCEPTIONS and a free shipping credit is not available with situations such as:

  1. Severe weather and/or natural events (ie. heavy snow, flood, earthquakes, tornadoes)
  2. Uncontrollable mechanical events (ie. Truck break downs, sorting facility issues, power outages)
  3. Courier refused to provide free shipping credit


Q: Do we get a tracking number with our orders?

Yes! A tracking number will be emailed to you from our staff.

A friendly reminder that it is your responsibility to check your Paypal or Email for the tracking number and keep track of it. You can also sign up for automatic notifications on the courier’s website. Always make sure and check your SPAM mail folder in case your email has filtered the email.


Q: What are your shipping times and period?

A: We only ship livestock orders out on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays so they never have to risk a delay and sit at the post office over the weekend. The cut off time for orders to be shipped out the same day is 9AM EST. If we receive your order after 9AM EST on Monday, your package will be scheduled to ship out on Tuesday. Please contact us directly if you need to make special shipping arrangements (DOA guarantees may be unavailable due to special requests/requirements).


Q: When is my Same Day Toronto Courier Package going to be shipped?

A: All orders have to be submitted prior to 10am to be shipped the same day. Orders that arrive after 10am will be shipped the day after. You can always make an Order Note specifying which day you would like to receive it.

Orders MAY be able to be shipped same day after 10am with additional rush charges. Rush charges will be calculated case by case.


Q: Can I add on to an order that hasn’t been shipped out?

A: Yes, as long as it is before 9pm of the day before scheduled ship out you can add items to your pending order. To do so just make a new order, select “Add On to Existing Order” as the shipping method and mention the original order number as a Note.

“Add On to Existing Order” is not a valid shipping rate if a previous order has not been placed.


Q: Help! Our package has been lost, what now?

A: Notify us immediately in this situation. With our excellent DOA guarantee, you get peace of mind knowing that your package is still guaranteed if you have chosen a shipping method with it. After you notify us, we will work as quickly as possibly with the courier service to resolve this issue and let you know of our next steps. It may take up to 30 days for the courier service to provide a full credit if the package is 100% lost.


Q: Our Dry Goods package has arrived damaged? What can be done?

Please send photos of damaged dry goods to It will evaluated on a case by case basis. However, there is no coverage for items that are considered fragile.

These include:

  • Aquariums and glass products
  • Light Bulbs
  • Large ceramic items
  • Electronic items


Q: We put in an order but provided the wrong address for shipping. What can we do?

A: It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure all addresses are correct for shipping and on all invoices and payments. Contact a ShrimpFever agent as soon as possible if you have made an error.  ShrimpFever is not responsible for packages sent to the incorrect provided address. All DOA guarantees are void immediately if this happens.

In the even of ANY issues please CONTACT US FIRST. If you bypass this step and have the package rerouted through the courier the DOA policy is void. We do NOT accept returned packages.


Q: Do you ship livestock to facilities to be held and picked up?

A: It is possible to request a package to be shipped to and held at a Purolator/UPS facility. However, this voids our DOA replacement credit guarantee due to the increased potential for errors in sorting by the couriers. It is always best to be ready to receive the package at home right as the package is delivered.


Q: What do we do in the situation of missing product from my order?

A: Please contact us right away and we will take a look into what happened and determine how to proceed. Photos are taken of every order we package before we ship it out with all items laid out beside the invoice for quality assurance. If dry goods are missing, we will ship it immediately out free of charge. If it is a livestock item, we can either credit it as a DOA or give a full refund for the missing item.


Q: What happens if my order was shipped via $5.00 Standard Envelope Letter Mail option has not shown up after a 2-4 weeks?

A: Orders shipped with the $5.00 Standard Envelope Letter Mail shipping option have zero guarantees for delivery time and if the order goes missing. Because this option has no tracking and is picked by the buyer themselves, all risks are assumed by the buyer and ShrimpFever has no responsibility to compensate lost packages in anyway with this shipment method.


Q: We ordered a package online and it is being held up in customs?

A: It is the buyer’s responsibility to adhere to proper regulations and policies regarding to the importation of livestock and plants and to ensure any that any of the ordered livestock and plants purchased from us are allowed into the customer’s country. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience but we are 100% not responsible if customs does not release, confiscate, or destroy your package.


Q: How are livestock packed and shipped and what about the winter or summer weather?

A: All of livestock is carefully packaged in either double poly bags or single breather bags. We then use polystyrene to line the top and bottom of the cardboard box and stuff with recycled cellulose insulation. We also add a heat pack during winter or an ice pack during summer. (Breather bags are upon request and have 1$ charge per bag). Please be advised, it may be dusty upon opening the package from the cellulose insulation.


Q: My friends and I would like to place a group order, how are the shipping costs determined?

A: For any bulk or group orders please contact us directly at We will determine how to best package your order and give you an estimate based on weight and box size once you contact us with an estimate on your order size.


Q: I would love to get started with shrimp but not sure what to do and how?

A: Feel free to give us a call, email, or Facebook message. We would love to guide and assist you in your successful journey to shrimp keeping! Everyone’s needs are different and every case has a specific situation we can definitely help advise. We have a shrimp for everyone~


Q: Where is your livestock from?

A: We at ShrimpFever source and import our shrimp, fish and other livestock all from highly reputable farms from Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, USA, Canada and Hong Kong.  In addition to importing, we also breed a percentage of our shrimp in-house.


Q: What size are your livestock/products?

A: We offer shrimp and fish of all sizes, from juvenile to adults. However, for online orders we prefer to ship sub adult size as they travel better than full grown adults. We strive to provide superior customer service and if requested, larger sized shrimp/fish pending our stock, could be requested at the time of submitting your online order. Any specifications about sizing on variable goods (wood, rock, etc) need to be communicated before purchase.


Q: What is your in-store livestock policy?

A: Should your livestock die in the bag on the way home within a reasonable time frame, please take a photo of the livestock in the bag and when visiting next time present the picture to us for a replacement. No substitutions.


Q: What is your policy on splitting bagging?

A: We will automatically split orders of a certain size into multiple to reduce risk of DOAs. For any requests to split orders under 20 pcs there is a $0.20 charger per item split. Also, due to the increased size and weight of the package this may increase shipping costs.


Q: What is your in store refund or exchange policy?

A: There are no refunds for livestock online or in store purchases. Dry goods may be EXCHANGED ONLY in their original, unopened packaging for store credit only within 7 DAYS of purchase.

For fragile items such as tanks, glass, light bulbs or electronics there is NO refunds or exchanges one the item has left the premises. Please inspect items thoroughly in store before purchasing. If a fragile item has a manufacturer’s warranty please contact them first.


Q: What is your online refund or exchange policy?

A: For most situations we do not accept refunds or exchanges for products that have been successfully shipped. However, if a refund/exchange has been authorized by a ShrimpFever staff member instructions on how to proceed will be sent to you via your email.

ShrimpFever is not liable for the shipping cost of the return/exchange and the product must be returned in resell able condition. The refund will be processed once the item has been received and confirmed.


Q: What is your online cancellation policy?

A: For orders that need to be shipped please contact us at either (647) 667-6161 or email us at at least 48 hours BEFORE shipping out. Cancellations made in that time period that are not due to ShrimpFever’s fault or lack of inventory are subject to a 10% restocking fee from the total purchase including shipping fees.

For Pickup orders the request must be made within 2 weeks after purchase and refunds are also subject to a 10% restocking fee. Requests made after this time frame are non refundable. Store credit of equivalent value can be issued.


Q: What is your policy on price adjustments/price protection?

A: For livestock there is NO price adjustment/price protection offered. For Dry Goods, if an item goes on sale in 7 days of purchase we will issue store credit for the difference. Please be prepared to show valid proof of purchase with a receipt.


Q: What is your policy on price matching?

A: Every request for price matching will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please provide direct links to the item you are requesting a price match. The price  must be valid at time of request and the item in stock/available.


Q: What is your policy on service matching?

A: We are ShrimpFever do not offer free shipping for livestock and do not match shipping services offered by marine pet stores.


Q: What is your policy for items on hold?

A: Items that have been paid for can be held for a maximum of 2 weeks – either from the order date or the arrival date. Any orders that aren’t picked up within that time frame and considered forfeited. Forfeited orders will not be refunded.

For items that haven’t been paid for we can hold for a maximum of 24 hours. If they have not been purchased by then they will not longer be held and be available for general purchase again.


Q: What is your policy for special ordering?

A: Please email us for any requests for special orders. If it is an item we do not normally carry a 50% non-refundable deposit/payment will be required.

No cancellations, refunds or substitutions will be provided if the deposit/payment has been completed and/or the product has been ordered.


Q: What are the methods of payment accepted at this time?

A: The following methods of payment qualify for our listed discounted prices: Cash, Debit, Email Transfer, Online Order Credit Card Payments, Foreign Currency, Barter and Cryptocurrency.

The following methods do not qualify: In Person Credit Card Payments OR Over the Phone Credit Card Payments.

In Person Credit Card Payments are not discounted by 2.75% and Over the Phone Credit Card Payments are not discounted by 3.75%.