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  • Stiphodon Orange Pair

    Description: Common Name: Stiphodon sp Scientific name: Stiphodon sp Wild Origin: Indonesia Maximum Size: 2.5cm – 3.5cm, 1.10 inches – 2.20 inches Red Neon Goby Care: Tank Parameters Required: pH – 6.8-7.5 gH – 3-10 kH – 1-5 TDS – 50-180 Temperature – 18-24C or 60 – 75F Temperament: Non aggressive – Shrimp Safe Breeding: Difficult (Requires brackish water) Difficulty:…

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    Ebita Breed Shrimp Baby – CLEARANCE

    Ebita Breed Baby Shrimp Food High quality, fine powder food for baby shrimps. Helps with growing and moulting. Ingredients Seaweed powder, fish meal, Ebimiru, brewer’s yeast, soy, wheat gluten meal, Spirulina Ikamiru calcium carbonate Product Packaging Baby shrimp food 30g containing powder type zipper aluminum light-shielding bag containing JAN code: 4,573,236,560,069

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    Assorted Endler Pairs – INSTORE/PICKUP SPECIAL

    Description: Common Name: Black Bar Endler Scientific name: Poecilia wingei Wild Origin: Venezula Maximum Size: 1″ Black Bar Endler Care: Tank Parameters Required: pH – 7.0-8.5 gH – 3-12 kH – 1-4 TDS – 100-350 Temperature – 24-30C or 75 – 86F Temperament: Peaceful, can eat juvenile and young shrimp Breeding: Easy Difficulty: Easy *All pictures shown are for illustration…

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    Description: Common Name: Rummynose Tetra Scientific name: Hemigrammus Bleheri Wild Origin: Asia: South America Maximum Size: 3.5cm Rummynose Tetra Care: Tank Parameters Required: pH – 4.0 – 7.5 gH – 3-9 kH – 1-2 TDS – 50-250 Temperature – 24-30C or 75 – 84F Temperament: Omnivore/Non aggressive Breeding: Egg scatterer Difficulty: Easy *All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only.…

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  • Fish Bicom 50g

    Product Description An excellent soft micro pellet food made specially for nano fish and corydoras for ease of eating. Loved by all types of fish! Using carefully selected ingredients, it is 50 g for tropical fish of “Baikom’s bait series” which has high palatability and excellent digestion. With convenient spoon to do bait ☆ ~ Features ~ by-special production method…

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    White Worms Starter Culture

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    Ista Sponge Filter S

    Mechanical filtration: Provides excellent filtering effect while oxygenating the water Biological Filtration: Foam material supports the colonization of bacteria Can be used with either an air pump or any external filter Silent operation by reducing air pump noise Easy to install and simple to maintain S size for tanks up to 30 Gallons

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  • Ebita Breed Spinach Tab

    Ebita Breed Spinach Tabs Spinach tab is a clean and reliable staple food that eliminates the work of cooking spinach and then freezing them . Spinach that has been used in this food are from farms that have all tested negative in pesticide residue and other chemicals in conventional farming. Spinach is a leafy green that is high in iron…

  • Shirakura Soft Taste 30g

    Ebi-Dama Soft Taste is a basic feed for shrimp, and is a vegetarian formula. It is high in amino acids, natural fiber and vitamins and minerals. It is great for health, coloration and breeding for shrimp. The difference between Ebi-Dama and Ebi-Dama Soft Taste, is that some shrimp find Ebi-Dama too hard, and would prefer a softer food. The food…