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  • Fissiden Fontanus on SS Mesh

    Description: Common Name: Phoenix Moss Scientific name: Fissidens Fontanus Wild Origin: Asia Phoenix Moss Moss Care: Tank Parameters Required: pH – 6.5-7.2 gH – 3-10 kH – 1-2 TDS – 100-300 Temperature – 18-25C or 64 – 78F Temperament: Easy to attach to rocks and wood. Can even attach to the glass in the tank. Propagation: Easy – Any little…

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  • aquarium scud

    Scud Culture

    A culture of around 50 scuds. A great live food for fish. Scuds range from a size of 1mm to 3mm.

  • Red Ramshorn

    Common Name: Ramshorn Snail Scientific name: Planorbarius Corneus Wild Origin: Widespread Worldwide Maximum Size: 2cm Red Ramshorn Snail: Tank Parameters Required: pH –6.0 to 7.5 gH – 6 to 15 kH – 0 to 5 TDS – 100 to 350 Temperature – 22 to 26°C or 71.6 to 82°F Temperament: Easy Breeding: Easy Difficulty: Easy Interesting Notes: Superb aquarium cleaner…

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  • Planaria Trap

    A sleek all glass planaria trap that is proven to trap planaria from your tanks! How to use: Add one piece of meaty type food into the round receptacle of the removed piece. Fill both pieces with water and close the trap. Push lightly into the substrate with the holes facing down towards the soil. Immediately in heavy infested tanks…

  • API Ph Test Kit

    The API® pH Test Kit monitors pH to maintain healthy freshwater conditions in your tank. pH control is imperative to prevent the harmful effects of overly alkaline or acidic aquarium water on fish and plant life, so take a few minutes each week to maintain and monitor your pH conditions with this easy-to-use kit! Tests read pH from 6.0 –…

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  • ECO Air 1

    EcoPlus® Eco Air Pumps Widely used in hydroponic systems. Convenient to operate without oil. Cylinders and pistons are made of premium materials, making the pump strong and durable. Will meet the requirements of pumps with air dividers from four to twenty-two outlets.

  • Stoney River Spectrastone Gravel – Black 25lb

    Estes Special Spectrastone Gravel is a premium non-toxic gravel designed specifically for desktop tanks, including betta habitats and other smaller marine and reef tanks. This aesthetically pleasing substrate helps embed plants and other decorations while also tying your aquarium’s interior together. All Estes products are clear coated, using 100% environmentally friendly high gloss resin. This state of the art process makes…

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    Elite Mini Filter

    Elite Mini Underwater Filter A130 015561101301 DESCRIPTION The Elite Mini Underwater Filter is designed specifically for small aquariums up to 11 litres (3 U.S. gal). Its compact size makes it ideal for tiny spaces, and it can easily be concealed in any setting. The underwater filter comes complete with a foam filter insert, which provides excellent mechanical and biological filtration.,

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    Flourite Black 3.5kg

    Overview Flourite® Black is a specially fracted stable porous clay gravel for the natural planted aquarium. Its appearance is best suited to planted aquaria, but may be used in any freshwater aquarium environment. Flourite® Black Sand is most effective when used alone as an integral substrate bed, but it may be mixed with other gravels. Gravel modifiers such as laterite…

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