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  • ABC Kalimantan Fern TC

    Kalimantan Fern (Rare, unidentified aquatic fern) QUICK NOTES: Difficulty: Medium Type: Rhizomatous Size: Unknown, likely less than 10cm in height Position and Usage: Foreground to midground Growth rate: Slow Lighting: 2/5 – 4/5 Water Conditions: 20 – 28° C CO2: Not required Propagation: Splitting the rhizome; separating plantlets  

  • ABC Glossostigma Elatinoides TC

    QUICK NOTES: Difficulty: Moderate Type: Carpeting stem plant Size: 2.5cm height, 5 – 10cm width Position and Usage: Foreground, carpet Growth Rate: Fast to Very fast Lighting: 3/5-5/5 Water Conditions: pH 5-7, 22-33°C, soft to moderately hard water (adaptable) CO2: Recommended Propagation: Rapidly spreading runners Special requirements: For maintaining the perfect carpet, regular nitrate, phosphate, iron and micronutrient supplementation is recommended for this fast growing, nutrient hungry plant. CO2 supplementation recommended…

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    ABC Eriocaulon King Crimson TC

    Eriocaulon King Crimson, aka ‘Eriocaulon Quinquangular’ (Multipack)   An ABC Plants exclusive. The KING of aquarium plants with it’s beautiful crimson color and unusual but pleasing appearance, an group of Eriocaulon king crimsons is a fantastic way to make your aquarium stand out from others!   QUICK NOTES: Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult Type: Rosette Size: 6 x 6cm typically; may grow up to 10 x…

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  • ABC Eriocaulon Hainan Island TC

    Eriocaulon Hainan Island (Multipack) An ABC Plants exclusive – one of the most unique plants in the aquarium trade. Extremely rare and beautiful. A wonderful, unique addition to any tank that is both uncommon and stunning!   QUICK NOTES: Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult Type: Rosette Size: 6 x 6cm typically; may grow up to 10 x 10cm Native Range: China Position and Usage: Foreground to midground…

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    ABC Cryptocoryne Wendtii “Green” TC

    Cryptocoryne wendtii   QUICK NOTES: Difficulty: Easy Size: 10 – 30cm+ in height, 10 – 20cm in rosette width Native Range: Southeast Asia (Sri Lanka) Position and Usage: Any placement may be appropriate, although midground is common Growth Rate: Moderate Lighting: 1/5 – 3/5 Water Conditions: pH of 6 – 8, temperature of 75° to 82°F CO2: Not required Propagation: Runners Special requirements: High nitrate levels and stable water conditions

  • ABC Hydrocotyle Leucocephala TC

    AKA Brazilian Pennywort QUICK NOTES: Position: Midground – background Difficulty: 1/5 Light: 3/5 – 5/5 CO2: Not required Size: Up to 60cm Water Conditions: 18 – 24°C, pH of 6.0 to 7.0 CO2: Not required Propagation: Runners

  • ABC Limnophila Sessiflora TC

    Native to Southeast Asia, Limnophila hippuridoides is a beautiful, decorative species with slender leaf form and dense, dark red to purple foliage. Specimens will grow vertically, often with distinctly crooked, outward-leaning shoot tips. They can be propagated through clippings of the solid side shoots found at the base of the plant. Hobbyists may want to thin out the oldest and…

  • ABC Cryptocoryne Lucens TC

    Product Details This is a crypt that grows in the 3 to 4 inch range typically. Can be used as a foreground plant in taller tanks like a 55 gallon and up. Easy to grow, low light. You’ll get 1 pot per item bought. Scientific Name: CRYPTOCORYNE LUCENS Skill Level: Easy Placement: Midground Co2 Requirement: none Preferred Fertilizer: Liquid –…

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    ABC Cryptocoryne Lutea “Hobbit” TC

    Cryptocoryne lutea ‘hobbit’ QUICK NOTES: Difficulty: Moderate Type: Rosette Size: 2 – 5 cm in height Position and Usage: Foreground to midground Growth rate: Slow Lighting: 3/5 – 5/5 Water Conditions: 20 – 28° C CO2: Recommended but not required Propagation: Runners; splitting; cutting off daughter plants

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