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  • Amazonia Light Per LB

    ADA Amazonia Light sold by the pound.

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    ADA Bio-Rio G 1L

    Bio Rio G is a sintered glass filter media suitable for biological filtration. It is porous with large surface area.  Many filtration microorganisms settle and demonstrate high filtration performance. The pieces are irregular. The irregular shapes of the filter material allows gaps to be formed when filled in the filter.  This feature reduces clogging and allows high contact of water…

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  • ADA Bio-Rio 2L

    ADA Bio Rio is a biological media with a large surface area for benefical bacteria. The media is mainly made of pumice stone with a porous surface, which provides long and stable filtration.

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  • ADA Tourmaline BC 100g

    Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral compounded with elements such as aluminium, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone. Tourmaline BC contains granulated tourmaline and fine bamboo charcoal, absorbing organic pollutant substances. Tourmaline BC also gives the initial electric static charge needed for Bacter 100 to start growing.

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  • ADA Bacter Ball

    Bacter Ball is a sphere shaped substrate additive made of Bacter 100. It can be placed on the substrate or inside of the biological filtration system. 18 Pieces

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  • ADA Bacter 100

    Bacter 100 is a substrate additive that contains more than 100 kinds of beneficial substrate bacteria in a dormant state. Sprinkle a think layer of Bacter 100 on top of Power Sand to seed the substrate with all the beneficial bacteria needed for a long lasting aquarium. Bacter 100 can also be used to eliminate green algea. Simply apply it…

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  • Power Sand Advance S 2L

    POWER SAND ADVANCE is replacing the Power Sand Special. This product has more nutrients than the POWER SAND BASIC, and on top of the Bacter 100 and Clear Super, it also contains BC powder (bamboo charcoal powder), which helps encourage the growth of plants. Choose an appropriate granule size (Small, Medium, Large) based on the depth of the aquarium water in…

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  • Power Sand Basic S 2L

    POWER SAND BASIC is replacing the Power Sand. This product combines porous materials with organic nutrients and delayed-release inorganic nutrients. Moreover, it contains Bacter 100 and Clear Super, which quickly increase collonization of the substrate with microorganisms. The 2 liter bag is recommended for small aquariums. The Power Sand S is a small granule Power Sand specifically designed for aquariums…

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  • ADA Phyton-Git 50mL

    Phyton Git contains natural plant extract that helps to prevent aquatic fern disease and remove blue green algae (BGA). It stimulates plants to secrete anti-bacterial components (phytoncides) that protecs them from diseases and germs. Dosage: For prevention of aquatic fern disease – add 1 drop of Phyton Git per 5L of water once a week For killing harmfull germs when introducing…

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