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    Benibachi Baby Bee Shrimp Food 20g

    Red bee food for juvenile shrimp 20g [Features] Survival rate of juvenile shrimp UP! * This product was developed for young shrimp bait for about one month after birth. Of course, young to parent Ebino are also eaten as food. [Main ingredients] Konbu powder, spirulina, yeast, calcium, vegetable protein, naturally extracted vitamins, etc. [Precautions for use] *¬†Please use¬†1 teaspoon enclosed…

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  • Benibachi Shrimp Food 50g

    Shrimp food 50g (Large-sized and small-sized MIX) [Characteristics] The form is friendly to parent shrimp and juvenile shrimp. Contains 30g of large size and 20g of small size (grain). Large format produces shrimp dumplings that you have never seen before. Oval is for juvenile shrimp that cannot be found in large format … [Main ingredients] Konbu powder, brewer’s yeast, calcium…

  • planaria zero

    Benibachi Planaria Zero

    A product that helps get rid of Planaria, Snails, and Hydra. This is highly recommended to have on hand at all times. NET : 15g [How to use] Please use the following amount for 50 L of aquarium water. 0 to 24 hours: 2 spoons (1 g). 25-48 hours: 2 spoons (1 g). 49 to 72 hours: 1 spoon (0.5…

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    Benibachi Bacteria Bee 3

    Benibachi Bee3 is a mixture of enzyme and chitosan which helps to maintain water quality, promotes growth, coloration and molting of juvenile and adult shrimps. Bee3 can be used on a regular basis to increase clarity of water, or to a point whereby molting improvement is achieved. You can observe that shrimps stop dying during unsuccessful moulting. Benibachi Bee3 is…

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    Benibachi Breeding Liquid

    Benibachi Breeding Liquid is a highly concentrated Chitin-based additive that promotes breeding. Use it when breeding slows down in your tank. Dosage: One pipette per 50l of water. Dose daily.

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