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    Caridina Starter Pack

      In this package you will receive: 1 x Amazonia 9L Soil 6 x Biodigest Vials 1 x Lowkeys Speed Sand 1 x Bicom Shrimp Food 30g 1 x Benibachi Shrimp Food 50g $30 Towards any Plants at Regular Price 1 x SS Net 1 x Fluval Filter Intake Sponge 1 x…

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    Shrimp Staple Package – Caridinia

    You will obtain a set of Bicom Shrimp Food, Shirakura Ebi Dama Silver, Biomax #3, 30g Snowflake Food and 30g Barley Food.

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    Shrimp Staple Package – Neocaridina

    You will obtain a set of Neocaridina Specialty Food, Shrimp Bicom, Biomax #3, 30g Barley Food and 15g Alder Cones.

  • Shrimp Bicom

    Shrimp Bicom 30g

    Product Description The popular one. It is a food manufacturer of bacteria one has created. ● shellfish to a private feed recommended for biological high herbivorous crustaceans from feature-Bee and Yamato Paratya compressa compressa. · Excellent palatability because it uses a combination of several kinds of natural vegetable powder. · It becomes easy to eat even juvenile shrimp bait is soft…

  • Cherry Shrimp Specialty Pellets

    Palatability is excellent! Everyone will flock towards the food! Difficult to lose shape even leftovers with a peace of mind in a special recipe! It will increase out the vivid colors with Astaxanthin. ● Feed once a day, please give the amount they can finish in 2 – 4 hours. Please remove promptly if you have leftovers. ● grain of…

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    Fish Bicom 50g

    Product Description An excellent soft micro pellet food made specially for nano fish and corydoras for ease of eating. Loved by all types of fish! Using carefully selected ingredients, it is 50 g for tropical fish of “Baikom’s bait series” which has high palatability and excellent digestion. With convenient spoon to do bait ☆ ~ Features ~ by-special production method…

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