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  • Biomax No Planaria 50g

    A product that helps get rid of Planaria. This is highly recommended to have on hand at all times. This helps to and can be used for: 1. Getting rid of planaria and other worm type parasites. 2. As a dipping solution when introducing new shrimps. 3. As a washing and soaking solution for new plants that may carry worms.…

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  • Biomax Aminovita-P

    A powder feed that contains multivitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. This food helps to: 1. Promote the division and growth of cells. 2. Boost immune system and decrease mortality rates. Product Information: 50gm/bag Ingredients: 17 different Amino acids, 12 different Vitamins and pancreatic enzymes.

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  • Biomax Beta G

    A powder feed that beta glucans to boost immune system functions, and disease resistance. This food helps to: 1. Boost immune function. 2. Enhances aquatic cells’ antibacterial defense activity. Product Information: 50gm/bag Ingredients: β1-3 and 1-6 Glucans, Vitamin B group.

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  • Biomax Recipe

    Product: Genchem Recipe 50 gr – proteins and algae extracts to promote the health of saltwater fish Features: Genchem Recipe is a nourishment of high quality characterized by a high stability and by an excellent protein intake that encourage and promote the growth of your fishes. Ingredients: Selective marine proteins algae extracts carotenoids Preparation: mix Recipe with your favourite ingredients…