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Frog Food


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    Exo Terra Vacuum Packed Specialty Reptile Foods – Grasshoppers XL – 15 g

    The Exo Terra Vacuum Packed Specialty Reptile Foods are a convenient way to feed insect eating reptiles, turtles, amphibians, fish and birds. These insects (and snails) have been vacuum packed and cooked in the pouch to maintain nutritional value, flavour and aroma. It also softens the exoskeleton of the insects for easier digestion and breaks the bonds between the collagen…

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  • Zoo Med Pacman Frog Food 10oz

    Zoo Med Pacman Frog Food is specially formulated to satisfy the nutritional requirements of all South American Horned Frogs as well as other large frog species (e.g. Pacman Frogs, Fantasy Frogs, Pixie Frogs, etc.). Great for both juvenile and adult frogs, this complete and balanced diet makes a great replacement for live food items such as insects and rodents thanks…

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  • Hikari Pac Attack 1.41oz

    Hikari Pac AttackĀ is a high quality food source designed specifically for large, hungry Pacman frogs. This exotic reptiles will quickly devour the mouth-watering sponge-like sticks, that when dipped in water accurately replicate the texture of natural live foods. The well balanced sticks can be fed to your frog via tongs to eliminate hand odour and make feeding quick and easy.…

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