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  • Lowkeys x Aqua Tailors Ammonia and NO2 Plate

    When adding shrimp or when starting a new one, please put it in the aquarium with a pong. We will further stabilize the water quality. Of course, it can also be used for freshwater aquariums other than Red Bee. * The usage and size are the same as those of a non-normal board. See below for details. We have completed…

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    Caridina Starter Pack

      In this package you will receive: 1 x Amazonia 9L Soil https://shrimpfever.com/product/amazonia-9l-regular/ 6 x Biodigest Vials https://shrimpfever.com/product/biodigest/ 1 x Lowkeys Speed Sand https://shrimpfever.com/product/speed-sand/ 1 x Bicom Shrimp Food 30g https://shrimpfever.com/product/shrimp-bicom-30g/ 1 x Benibachi Shrimp Food 50g https://shrimpfever.com/product/shirakura-ebi-dama-silver/ $30 Towards any Plants at Regular Price https://shrimpfever.com/product-tag/plants/ 1 x SS Net https://shrimpfever.com/product/nets/ 1 x Fluval Filter Intake Sponge https://shrimpfever.com/product/intake-sponges/ 1 x…

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    Baby Boost Package

    You will obtain a set of Biomax #1, Ebita Breed Shrimp Baby, Lowkeys All in One and GlasGarten Shrimp Baby.

  • Ebi Sapuri

    Lowkeys Ebi Sapuri 30g

    Ebi Sapuri for daily feeding. Ebi sapuri is all round food for shrimps to feed daily ,what means that your shrimp will get what they need in nutrition and minerals. Ebi Sapuri gives a boosts health and growth of your shrimps. A true TOP QUALITY feed! This food was made to collapse with a purpose! Younger shrimp have a harder…

  • Lowkeys Double Speed

    Double Speed from Lowkeys: When introduced in your tanks will significantly accelerate the growth rate of baby and juvenile dwarf shrimp. Thus, juveniles spend less time at the juvenile stage. Dosage: introduce very small amounts several times a day to accelerate juvenile growth.

  • Lowkeys All In One

    All in one is a product that will enhance survival rates for your baby and juvenile shrimps. With this product you will see that there are more survivors in every breeding cycle. This food provides everything that young shrimp need to survive! Keep in mind not to overfeed, and to feed a small amount of the powder in every corner…

  • Lowkeys Ultra Supple 30g

    Ultra Supple shrimp is a feed for a healthy growth. With a high concentration of essential minerals and also provides everything for a great shell and colors. This food contains Japanese hijiki and is advised to feed only 2 times a week or 20 % of your feeding total! Ingredients: High concentration organic mineral, hijiki, kale, brewer’s yeast, brown rice…

  • Lowkeys Secret Food 30g

    Hiden-No-Esa for a fast growing healthy shrimp! Hiden-No-Esa is a good kept secret food from Lowkeys and enhances your shrimp’s growth rates healthily! If you want to breed with healthy shrimps and keep them in top condition with great colors then the Hiden-No-Esa is something for you. The most desired brand of shrimp food in Japan. A lot of the…

  • Lowkeys Black Master II 100g

    Black master II is a soil stabilization product. Black master II is a product that keeps helping you maintain excellent water parameters by stabilizing your pH and provides elements to the water without leeching. Remember the hyped up crimson balls? Well these are the mini size pearls with the same effect. It prolongs the life of active soils so they…