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    GlasGarten Mineral Hearts

    Supplementary feed for ornamental shrimp, snails, crayfish and crabs in the aquarium / terrarium. With the GlasGarten Mineral Hearts, you can supply your Shrimp and friends with minerals for a longer period of time. Simply put a Mineral Heart in the aquarium and the minerals are nibbled off by the animals. The minerals content into our Mineral Hearts are also gradually released to the water…

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  • Prodibio GH+

    GH+ information GH or general hardness of the water refers mainly to the quantity of calcium ions (Ca2+) and magnesium ions (Mg2+) present in the water. The higher the GH value is, the higher the water hardness is. The lower the GH value is, the softer the water is. GH values need to be adapted to those of the aquarium…

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  • Salty Shrimp Sulawesi 8.5 Mineral 230g

    Sulawesi Mineral 8.5 was developed according to the results of a scientific analysis of water originating from the lakes of the Malili lake system on Sulawesi. It serves for mineralising RO water, rainwater, fully desalinated water etc. and requires some additional measures for fully dissolving. Water remineralised with this mineral salt will result in an almost exact copy of the water…

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  • Biomax Freshgen

    Increase the oxygen content in water. For handling and transport of fish and shrimp. Instantly remove ammonia, sulfide and precipitate in water. Transport live animals: Shrimp 0.5 spoonful in 10 litter bag. Fish 1 spoonful in 10 liter bag. Artemia 0.3 spoonful in 10 bag.

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  • Mineral Ball Large

    A large mineral ball 1cm wide. Mineral balls release an assortment beneficial minerals into the water over time.

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  • Mineral Ball Medium

    A medium mineral ball 8mm wide. Mineral balls release an assortment beneficial minerals into the water over time.

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  • SMW Bioculture 300mL

    The “Bio-Culture SMW”, a high concentration of mineral-containing liquid-cell activity solution that balanced was dissolved as a natural rock, killifish kind of saltwater fish, guppy, etc., and show the effects of the preeminent to water plants, seaweed. Is valid for all aquatic life regardless of the fresh water, seawater, sufficient mineral source has been filled with ultra-rich state. Bio-Culture SMW…

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  • Salty Shrimp GH/KH+ Mineral 2550g

    Shrimp Mineral GH/KH+ has been especially designed for the preparation of neutral aquarium water for keeping and breeding shrimp. It re-mineralises e.g. RO water, rainwater, fully desalinated water etc., raising total hardness (°dGH) and carbonate hardness (KH) at a ratio of °dGH/KH: 1.0/0.5. Especially shrimp from habitats with a neutral pH do very well in water prepared with this mineral…

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  • Salty Shrimp GH+ Mineral 850g

    Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH+ has especially been developed for the keeping and breeding of bee shrimp, bumblebee shrimp and tiger shrimp in an aquarium, to mineralise RO water, rainwater, fully desalinated water etc. It raises the total hardness (°dH) without significantly influencing the carbonate hardness (KH). This is especially important for shrimp originating from softwater habitats (ratio of KH/°dH: 0.06/1.0). Bee-Shrimp…

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