Water Additives

Water Additives


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    Bio Boost Package

    You will obtain a set of Polytase, Bacter AE 35g and 6 vials of Biodigest.

  • Prodibio Start Up

    Start_Up information Combines BioDigest and Stop Ammo Start an aquarium very quickly (within hours) Biodigest Start: – composed of live bacterial strains – aquarium cleaning by waste matter digestion is helped by the presence of numerous different strains of heterotrophic bacteria – nitrates and phosphates are reduced – enables water to be effectively purified – prevents the spread of filamentous…

  • Okazo Mineral Rocks

    A Mironekuton stone from Japan, only found in a single region there, is exceptionally rich in natural minerals and trace elements. Due to its manifold beneficial characteristics it is highly popular with Japanese shrimp breeders and plant tank keepers, especially in combination with soil subtrates, as it significantly enhances the all-important microbiology (bacteria, accompanying fauna). It is used as mineral…

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  • API Tap Water Conditioner 4oz

    TAP WATER CONDITIONERâ„¢ Spread throughout tap water are various chemicals and toxins that can be harmful to fish if left untreated. TAP WATER CONDITIONER removes these toxins instantly. Benefits: Dechlorinates aquarium and tap water Detoxifies heavy metals Safe for all aquatic life Use in both fresh and salt water Follow the API Easy Care Guide and use TAP WATER CONDITIONER…

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