AAA Grade Brine Shrimp Eggs 1lb


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Ready to hatch brine shrimp eggs. Hatcher and aquarium salt not included


Keep cysts at room-temperature (20-24C) 24 hours prior to hatching.

Artemia cysts: 2g/liter  (one can is for 250 liters)

Use clean sea water or fresh-water containing 28-30 g of salt (NaCl). PH should be 8.0-8.3. If the PH is below 8.0 add Sodium bicarbonate.

Optimum water temperature for a 24-hour complete hatch is 28-29°C. Lower temperatures will result in a longer hatching time and inefficient hatches. Do not exceed 30°C. It can damage hatching result. Do not place an immersion heater directly into your hatching cone!

Illumination is necessary to trigger the hatching mechanism within the embryo during the first few hours of incubation. Maintaining a light source during the entire incubation period is recommended to obtain optimum hatch results and, as mentioned above, for temperature control.

Optimum illumination is 2000 LUX.

Constant aeration is necessary to keep cysts in suspension and to provide sufficient oxygen levels for the cysts to hatch. Too strong or too weak aeration could damage or hurt the brine shrimp cysts or nauplii. So you need watch for this especially first three hours.

Hatching Cone:
We recommended use clean and «V» bottomed cones.  They are best to insure that the cysts remain in suspension during hatching. Be sure to thoroughly wash the hatching cone with a light chlorine solution, rinse, and allow to air-dry between uses. Avoid soap. Soap will leave a slight residue which will foam from aeration during hatching and leave cysts stranded above the water level.

Incubation Period and Harvest:

After 24h stop aeration, wait 5 minutes and siphon the nauplii from the bottom of the tank, rinse with clean water.


In order to maximize the hatching percentage, it is sometimes helpful to swirl the water inside the hatching container once or twice at intervals in the first 4 to 6 hours of incubation in order to knock down eggs that have been stranded on the side of the container above the water-line. After about 6 hours, the eggs are usually well-hydrated and will stay in the water column.

Avoid using metal pipe in cones, best way is plastic one.

Hatching Rate:

If cysts are kept in proper condition before hatching the hatch rate will be between 85-90%.

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