ADA Green Brighty Neutral K 300mL


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GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K is a liquid fertilizer for supplying potassium to aquatic plants. When potassium is insufficient, the photosynthesis activity and growth of aquatic plants are affected and this can cause yellowing and bleaching of leaves as well as lower resistance to algae. Daily application of GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K to the aquarium eliminates these problems caused by potassium deficiency and promotes growth of aquatic plants. This product does not cause a rise in pH and carbonate hardness (KH). It is ideal for supplying potassium to aquatic plants that do not like high pH and KH.

Use 1 pump for every 5.3 US gallons daily.

Avoid hight temperature and direct sunlight. Kepp in a dark and cool place.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Soluble Potash (K2O)  5%

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