Amazonia Version 2.0 9L


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Amazonia Ver.2 uses rare Japanese black soil as main raw material. The dark black color contrasts well against the leaf colors of aquatic plants and makes the colors of aquatic plants stand out. It includes pellet sized Amazonia concentrate supplement in a separate bag that is rich in organic components and trace elements to recreate the natural condition of Amazon river water. By adding an appropriate amount of Amazonia concentrate supplement underneath the Amazonia Ver.2 black soil, it makes it possible to provide rich essential organic components without being directly exposed to water column. This new method reduce problems such as turbid water and algae outbreaks. In addition, natural black soil further conditions the water quality, provides essential elements, and makes it suitable for aquatic plants and tropical fish. It also buffers water naturally and makes the PH of the water slightly acidic. As a result of the combination of natural Japanese black soil and Amazon concentrate supplement, tropical fish and aquatic plants thrive with enhanced vivid colors and a beautiful Nature Aquarium can be achieved. It is also easy to use, so no matter you are a beginner or an experienced aquarist, it will help you create a beautiful Nature Aquarium effortlessly.

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