Epipedobates Anthonyii “Santa Isabel” Tadpoles


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Common Name: E. Anthonyii “Santa Isabel”
Scientific Name: Epipedobates Anthonyii
Wild Origin: Ecuador/Peru
Maximum Size: 2 inches

Epipedobates Care:
Tank Parameters Required:
1 frog per 10 gallon or an 18x18x24 for a group of 4
pH – 6.5-7 if given water feature
gH – 0
kH – 0
TDS – 0-50….RO/Distilled/Rainwater
Temperature – 65-75 degrees
Lighting – Low/Medium
Humidity – 80%+

Require a diet of Micro feeders. Ideally, flightless Fruit Flies (D. Melanogaster when young, D. Hydei/D. Melanogaster), And microfauna

Temperament: communal
Breeding: easy
Difficulty: easy

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