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The Hikari Bio-Pure Frozen Daphnia are mix of high quality, small planktonic crustaceans and vitamins that contribute to improved digestion and act as an effective laxative for most freshwater fish species as well as fry and other small mouthed fish, egglayers, livebearers, inverts and smaller marine fish. Ideal for use after medicating, daphnia or water fleas as they are sometimes called, are a 100% natural source of algae that have been gut-loaded with bio-encapsulated multi-vitamins to offer an exceptionally well balanced nutritional profile. These frozen treats have gone through a 3-step sterilization process using proprietary freeze technology to ensure the highest quality, natural colours, taste and texture. The easy to use “no touch” cubes make measured feedings hassle-free, and the cubes do not contain harmful bacteria, parasites or foul odours. Comes with 40 cubes.