Lowkeys x Aqua Tailors Ammonia and NO2 Plate


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When adding shrimp or when starting a new one, please put it in the aquarium with a pong.
We will further stabilize the water quality.
Of course, it can also be used for freshwater aquariums other than Red Bee.
* The usage and size are the same as those of a non-normal board.

See below for details.

We have completed a super-porous adsorption filter medium by forming a multi-layered structure of granular raw materials using our unique processing technology.
Simply insert this product into the gap of the filter to adsorb harmful substances in the water and clean the water.
About 18 hours after putting it in, you should be able to feel that the water quality has improved and the water is clear.
It also eliminates dirt and odors in the water.
○ Adsorption of harmful substances
・ Ammonia, nitric acid, nitrite generated in breeding water,
heavy metals mixed from tap water, magnesium
○ Water quality improvement effect
・ Removal of white dust at water change and start-up
・ Breeding water by adsorption of ammonia Deodorization
・ Purifies water quality and suppresses the generation of pathogenic bacteria and moss
○ Supplement effect
・ Natural minerals important for biological health management are eluted
○ Biofiltration effect
・ The inside of ultra-porous products is a habitat for bacteria (biological filter medium) Also effective

● How to use
Put it in the upper filter or the outer filter.
The same effect can be obtained by installing it in an aquarium, such as when it does not fit in the filter.
Filtration is possible with this product alone, but it is more effective when used in combination with a genuine filter.
There is no pH fluctuation that is common in adsorption filter media.

● Specifications
Applicable water tank: ~ 60 liters
Dimensions: 100 x 75 x 6 mm
Raw materials: 100% natural zeolite
Weight approx .: 75 g
Classification: Mordenite type

● Precautions for use
・ This product is for fresh water only. It cannot be used in seawater and brackish water tanks.
-Because it is manufactured by a special manufacturing method, it has a structure that is vulnerable to impact.
Be careful not to damage it due to a strong impact such as dropping.
Even if it breaks, the effect does not change.
-Since it has been heat-treated at low temperature, there is no contamination of germs in the soil.
・ Cannot be used in combination with fish disease medicine (the medicine is not effective because the medicine is adsorbed).
・ After use, dispose of it as a non-combustible material.

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