MK Breed Blood Diamond


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Breeding is always the topic that premium Crystal Shrimp keepers like to talk about. In an attempt to reproduce future generations, Crystal Shrimps must develop a healthy physique, and ingest sufficient trace elements to become sexually mature. However, constant growth is no easy matter. Therefore, daily replenishment of trace elements is essential.

Crystal Shrimps may reach sexual maturity 4 to 6 months after hatching, but whether the adult has the ability to reproduce is highly related to the absorption of trace elements. Some elements cannot be produced by the body itself of Crystal Shrimp. If they suffered from serious malnutrition of trace elements for a period, it may gradually diminish some physiological functions.

MK-BREED Blood Diamond is the creation of MK-Breed CRS Center. The specially designed formula is rich in vitamins for breeding Crystal Shrimps. It enables shrimps to replenish trace elements that are not easy to obtain from the feed and effectively improves the growth rate.

Blood Diamond contains a large amount of chitin, an important ingredient for Crystal Shrimp to build the shell, and could help shrimps reach health and maturity. It is the key to the breeding success of Crystal Shrimps.



Once a week.

For regular use, add 4ml  ( 1/2 cap )  to 20 liters aquarium.
For breeding, add 8ml  ( 1 cap )  to 20 liters aquarium.



Multi-vitamins, Chitin, Trace elements.