MK Breed Blue Diamond


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The osmosis of water depends on the number of dissolved entities and how many kinds of minerals are present. If living in an environment of inappropriate osmotic pressure, Crystal Shrimps must continually put energy into maintaining the concentration of ions in the body fluid, triggering an osmotic stress response.

Under this environmental stress, not only will the growth rate of Crystal Shrimps be slowed down, but also the building of new shells will be affected. Abnormalities such as shell deformity & thinning will occur, and the time between molts could be relatively fast, therefore, affecting the quality of shrimp body color.

Blue Diamonds, proudly developed by MK-BREED, contains essential minerals for Crystal Shrimps. By utilizing special techniques, the proportion of minerals fits the need for Crystal Shrimps, which greatly reduces the energy cost during molting. Thus, Blue Diamond significantly improves survivability & growth rate, and it helps Crystal Shrimps enhance body color. MK-BREED Blue Diamond is definitely the product of minerals for Crystal Shrimps that you can trust.



  1. 8 ml(1 cap) to 100 liters will raise aquarium water by 1° dGH.
  2. For new tanks, add 4/5 cap (6 ml) to 20 liters aquarium. Reference value: TDS 110~120, dGH 3~4.
  3. When changing water, mix the mineral conditioner with new water outside the tank, and then pour the well-mixed water into the tank.



Ca, Mg, Na, K, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, and other trace elements.