MK Breed Red Diamond Food


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Launched in 2013, MK-Breed is a piioneering brand providing total solution of Crystal Shrimp.

Following classical Japanese formula, Red Diamond is a specially designed food for red Crystal Shrimp.

Containing algae-extracted Astaxanthin, Red Diamond is the best option for enhancing red color, but without causing environmental impact.

We hope your red Crystal Shrimps will shine as red diamonds after you feed them MK-Breed Red Diamond.

Direction for Use:
2 sticks (3-4cm) for 150 Crystal Shrimps, once or twice a day. Please remove uneaten food after 6-12 hours.

Vegetable protein extract, Spirulina algae, Spinach, Kelp, Astaxanthin (algae extract), Chitosan (plant extract), Minerals, Vitamins, Lecithin.