MK Breed Silver Powder 30g


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Developed by MK-Breed, Nitrifying Bacteria Z-Silver Powder is an awesomely powerful product for setting up new tanks for Crystal Shrimps.

This product is featuring a blend of nitrifying bacteria strains from Nitrosomonas and other genera. Nitrifying bacteria can break down ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, and other toxic substances, while quickly building a nitrification system, finally leading to the success of Crystal Shrimps raising.

After organisms are introduced into the tank, organic debris such as feces, leftover, rotting plant leaves, and disintegrated black soil will accumulate in the bottom over time, and these organic debris are not easy to remove by water changes. Cleaning with big or fast movements, on the contrary, would stress Crystal Shrimps, and the raised dust may be life-threatening to them.

MK-BREED Nitrifying Bacteria are reinforced by natto bacteria and lactic acid bacteria, which can decompose organic debris into smaller compounds of organic acids and amino acids, will prevent organic debris from covering the surface of the bed and help maintain the bio-activity in the tank bed. In this way, your raising of Crystal Shrimps would be more manageable and the life of the tank bed would be elongated.

The functional microbiota, each with different duties, can decompose different toxic substances in different raising stages, purify water quality, and create an environment suitable for the growth of Crystal Shrimps.



  1. When used for a newly set up Crystal Shrimp tank, add 5   spoons per 20 liters of water, and spread it evenly on the surface of the bottom bed when laying solid materials.

  2. Enhance aeration during the period of cultivating water quality.

  3. After the cultivation of water quality is completed, adjust GH to 3-4 dGH with MK-Breed Blue Diamond, and then release Crystal Shrimps into the tank.



Nitrobacter, Nitrosomonas, Bacillus natto, Lactobacillus, Yeast and other organic materials.