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“Medaka no Mai” is a highly-preferred premium feed developed for enthusiasts aiming for faster growth and higher breeding numbers of medaka. Super Orange is carefully selected and blended with the best carotenoids in order to beautifully grow red medaka such as “Scarlet Medaka” and “Yagi Takagi”. ●Characteristics 1) Granule size that is easy to eat from juveniles to adults with a total length of about 1 cm or more. 2) With the aim of spreading the water evenly over all medaka fish, it spreads over the surface of the water and pursues physical properties that prevent sinking as much as possible. 3) Activated in the intestines of medaka to support the maintenance of health. It promotes decomposition of excrement and suppresses contamination of breeding water. ● How to give Depending on the water temperature, please give the amount you can eat in 2 to 3 minutes once several times a day. *Please give the medaka baby baby next from fry to juvenile.

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