Seapora Sponge Filter M


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A Sponge filters work by drawing aquarium water through the porous sponge. This provides mechanical filtration by trapping physical debris, and with its large porous surface area provides a home for beneficial, nitrifying bacteria, which break down biological waste into less toxic elements. Unlike Other sponge filters that don’t offer chemical filtration. With the Aqua One Breeder Sponge range, the hollow centre allows carbon to be inserted to provide chemical filtration.

Sponge Filters are great for:

Fry tanks
Betta bowls
Shrimp tanks
Hospital/ Quarantine tanks
New aquarium start up
Pre-filter for canisters

Benefits of the Aqua One Breeder Sponge Filters:

Weighted base
Easy to assemble
Available in a range of sizes
Simple to maintain
Hollow centre allows carbon to be added
Safe to be used with baby fish of any size
Can be operated with an air pump or water pump

M: Filters up to 30 Gallons

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 3 in