Shrimp Expert Baguette 25g


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Baguette is a complete food for daily feeding designed for Crystal Shrimp, and it’s recommended to new-variety breeders, aquascapers, aquarium stores, and beginners.

Baguette’s solid and slow-crumbling texture enables accurate feeding. You can watch your shrimps dining elegantly or even conduct aquatic photography because of its excellent water stability. With its emerald tree branch appearance, Baguette not only smoothly integrates into your aquascape, but also invites most shrimps clinging to the feast without fighting.

Direction for Use:

2 sticks (3-4cm) for 150 Crystal Shrimps, twice a day. Please remove uneaten food after 24 hours.


Vegetable protein extract, spirulina algae, chlorella algae, spinach, kelp, Chinese herbal medicine, mixed grains, astaxanthin (algae extract), lutein, chitosan (plant extract), minerals, vitamins, lecithin

Protein 48.3%, Crude Fat 8.5%, Moisture 6.2%, Crude Fiber 3.7%, Crude Ash 8.7%