Shrimp Expert Crystal Shrimp Start Up Kit


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Creates an ideal breeding environment and boosts female shrimps carrying eggs.
Forms a nutrient-rich biofilm serving as a stable, long-lasting food source for baby shrimps.
Increases crystal shrimp productivity and stability by strengthening aquarium biocapacity.

Suitable for:

Crystal shrimp hobbyists and breeders who are dedicated to improving breeding efficiency.

Direction for use:

Step 1: Set up the aquarium, add the Start-Up bag, and aerate for 3 weeks.
Step 2: After 3 weeks, replace half of the water.
Step 3: Adjust water hardness with mineral product before adding crystal shrimps.
Step 4: The Start-Up bag can be removed after 3 months of use.


Use 1 bag per 50L (or less) of water. This kit contains 2 bags.
Maintain aeration during Start-Up process to benefit bacterial and biofilm growth.
Cloudiness or biofilm growth during the Start-Up process is normal, and no action is needed.


Nitrobacter, Bacillus natto, Mineral salt, Protease, Humic acid, Fermentation media, Natural adsorbents.