Yellow Spotted Rabbit Snail


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Common Name: Yellow Spotted Rabbit Snail
Scientific name: Tylomelania gemmifera
Wild Origin: Indonesia
Maximum Size: 2-3”

Yellow Spotted Rabbit Snail:
Tank Parameters Required:
pH – 7 to 8
gH – 6 to 15
kH – 2 to 5
TDS – 100 to 350
Temperature – 24 to 26°C or 74 to 82°F

Temperament: Peaceful – great cleaner of the tank!
Breeding: Moderate
Difficulty: Easy

Interesting Notes:

*All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary due to natural variation with livestock*

*Sulawesi Snails are almost always wild caught. This means pitting and imperfections of the shell are expected. If you want snails with perfect shells please contact us at to inquire if we have any babies for sale.*

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