Shipping Policy

ShrimpFever’s Returns, Shipment and DOA (Dead on Arrival) Policy

At ShrimpFever we strive to meet customer’s needs, offer different shipping options and provide competitive dead-on-arrival (DOA) policies in the industry.  Please see below for complete details.

SHIPMENT DISCLAIMERS: Customers placing online orders accept the following risks and responsibilities:

Select an appropriate shipping option to reduce risk of DOAs. Ensure all information entered in your online order is correct.TIP: The shorter the shipping time, the less risk of DOAs. Should you have any questions on shipping option to select, please consult with our knowledgeable ShrimpFever staff prior to submitting your order.

Upon receiving the livestock it is solely the customer’s responsibility to safely acclimate and introduce the livestock. We recommend a one hour drip acclimation into a quarantine tank. New livestock should be quarantined for a minimum of one week before introduction to the main tank. Once the livestock has been received the customer takes full responsibility for their care and release ShrimpFever from any liability.



For orders that need to be shipped please contact us at either (647) 667-6161 or email us at at least 48 hours BEFORE shipping out. Cancellations made in that time period that are not due to ShrimpFever’s fault or lack of inventory are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Shipping Options

DOA conditions**

Estimated shipping time



100% guaranteed for any DOAs

1-2 days


50% guaranteed for any DOAs

1-3 days



Not qualified for any DOA

(Rare exceptions apply. E.g. 100% DOA on arrival.)

1 to 8 days


Not qualified for any replacements

(No exceptions)

1-3 weeks

Via Toronto Same Day Courier

Within Toronto ONLY

(Please contact ShrimpFever to ensure your postal code is within range)

100% guaranteed for any DOAs

Same Day Delivery

Via International Shipping

Dependent on the country

Will depend case to case

To be determined.

Further Clarifying Notes

  1. We will select the most appropriate courier matched to your chosen rate. If you have a preference please make us aware of it by making a note during ordering, emailing or calling us.
  2. Estimated shipping times are ESTIMATES. Depending on your unique location estimates may be changed at the time of booking.
  3. ShrimpFever reserves the rights to change rates according to your unique location. We will notify you if any changes are required.
  4. We do not ship livestock with Canada Post unless there are no other options. We will discuss with you first before proceeding.
  5. Once issued, DOA credits are valid for one calendar year. If extensions are required due to issue out of the individual’s control (weather, availability, etc) please email ShrimpFever ahead of time to communicate further options.


It is your responsibility to keep track and receive the package on the first delivery attempt!

Turn around time for these orders are typically next shipment day available (shipment days are typically Monday mornings). Exceptions apply with inclement weather.

TIP: Sign up for email and text message notifications from the courier and plan in advance to be home for delivery day

**DOA POLICY DISCLAIMERS: Customers placing online orders accept the following DOA guarantee conditions:

  1. DOA guarantee policy is for Canadian orders only. International orders DOA conditions are determined on a case by case basis.
  2. All DOAs are still guaranteed in the event of delay caused by severe weather or courier-related issues.
    • TIP: We stand by our quality guaranteed livestock. Good healthy livestock will be able to handle an extra day in transit under optimal shipping conditions and proper packaging. Should your package arrive late due to courier-related issues, you may be eligible for free shipping credit which could be used towards any DOA and/or additional purchases. Please contact the ShrimpFever team if you plan to use this shipping credit to confirm eligibility.
  3. Clear photos of DOA in the original packaging must be e-mailed to as evidence. Please ensure livestock are identifiable in the photos.
    • TIP: The simplest method to take DOA photo is by floating the bag in your tank and taking photos of the DOA.
  4. DOA credits only cover livestock, shipping costs are NOT included. There are no refunds or substitutions for DOAs. 
    • In the event that we do not have the livestock that was DOA upon reordering we can substitute the value for a different species of livestock ONLY.
  5. Situations where DOA guarantees are void:
    • If a delivery is 1) missed, 2) delayed due to rescheduling of delivery, or 3) package is left outdoors for an extended period of time.
    • If customer requests to change a mailing address after the order has already been packed and shipped out.
    • Any wrong address input by the customer during ordering process also voids DOA guarantee.
    • Special shipment requests outside of the regular shipment days (after Wednesdays).
    • Failure to provide DOA photos within 3 hours of receiving the package.
    • Any unidentifiable items in photos will not account for DOA guarantees.
    • Should the package be returned to ShrimpFever (e.g. refused, missed delivery, wrong address, failed to pass international customs), items, livestock and shipping costs will not be reimbursed or exchanged.
  6. Are Dry Goods damaged while shipping covered by any guarantees?Please send photos of damaged dry goods to It will evaluated on a case by case basis. However, there is no coverage for items that are considered fragile. These include:
    • Aquariums and glass products
    • Large ceramic items
    • Electronic items