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  • Origin of Creation – TAKASHI AMANO Biography Hardcover

    In August, 2015 Takashi Amano departed this world and was sadly missed. Origin of Creation is the photo book that he had been working on to the end of his days. From his thoughts to his origin of creation, the book describes the essential core with his own works selected by himself as an aquascaper and photographer. The photo book…

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  • ADA Annual Edition 2018

    ADA Annual Edition 2018 is a compilation of Aqua Journal issued this year. The book mainly features “Extensive Nature Aquatic Plants Wall” which caught a big attention at the event of “TAKASHI AMANO – NATURE AQUARIUM Exhibition” held in GALLERY AaMo, TOKYO DOME CITY, TOKYO (Date: from the end of last year to early this year). It also showcases all…

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  • ADA Annual Edition 2017

    “ADA ANNUAL EDITION 2017”is wrap-up annual booklet of all AQUA JOURNAL issued in this year. The annual edition will be published in the end of the year annually from now on. In this first issue, Nature Aquarium layouts created by Takashi Amano and 5 ADA staff, who were taught the quintessence of Nature Aquarium by Takashi Amano himself, will be…

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  • The International Plant Layout Contest 2015

    The Booklet covering the 15th annual contest, the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2015, is now available for you! It includes contest entry photos up to 2,000 world rankings in full colors, which are truly worth seeing layouts: the Grand Prix, top winning works and moreover, the ones with great individuality from all over the world. Whether you participated the…

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  • The International Plant Layout Contest 2017

    In 2016, we have received a record number of 2,336 entries from 68 countries and areas. The global-scale IAPLC is ever-expanding every year, and we’re happy to announce hosting IAPLC 2017. Now the new artwork is available for you.

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  • The International Plant Layout Contest 2016

    This year, The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2016 received 2,336 entries from 68 countries and areas around the world. Amongst the all works, the 2000 works are showcased in the booklet. It is now available in ADA retailer shops. It features the top prized works in high-density photos, even the ones that had been revealed for the first time…

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    EXPERIENCE THE ESSENCE OF NATURE AQUARIUM. Takashi Amano, aquascape creator and photographer, lived fast and lived his 61 years of life to the fullest. His new photography book will be available for purchase. The photography book was published in conjunction with the exhibition, “Takashi Amano Nature Aquarium Exhibition”, held in Gallery AaMo, Tokyo Dome. Selecting Nature Aquarium photographs, created and…

  • Made in ADA Concept and Products

    The English version of the ADA product book “MADE IN ADA Concept & Products”, which contains the features of ADA’s main products with development episodes, is published. We introduce products in detail that are filled with ADA’s history and passion for cultivating of aquatic plants on each page. Also you can enjoy Nature Aquarium works of our Suikei creators and…

  • Tropica Anniversary Book

    Tropica Aquarium Plants rolled out its first plant in May 1970, 50 years ago. Created by a passionate hobbyist, Holger Windeløv and pushed into the future by a dedicated corporate group, JPS Clemens, Tropica Aquarium Plants now services a global community of aquarists. The 50 year anniversary book takes you through a journey of discovery, from the early 70’s and…

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