Water Treatment

Water Treatment


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  • Kordon Malachite Green 4oz

    Kordon’s Malachite Green is an effective medication used for the control of various external parasites of freshwater and marine fishes. When used as directed the medication will control or prevent the following common protozoan parasites: Ichthyophthinus (freshwater Ich), Costra, Chilodonella, Ambiphyra, Cryptocaryon (marine Ich), Epistylis, Oodinium and Trichodina. Kordon’s Malachite Green is also effective against common external fungal infections of…

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  • Prodibio Stop Ammo

    Stop Ammo traps ammonia and reduces the proportion of nitrites when starting up a new aquarium and in water used to transport fish. This helps prevent the fish from being shocked or killed from ammonia build-up. Stop Ammo is made from the extracts of specially selected plants. The chosen plants have developed a special molecular system with the capacity to trap…

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  • Seapora Filter Floss – 10 Sq Feet

    Seapora Filter Floss is a dense mechanical filter media designed to remove fine/coarse particulate matter from your aquarium system. This process prevents obstructions in the biological media, thereby diminishing the risk of fish stress and disease. Also helps keep your aquarium water crystal clear! Seapora Filter Floss can be cut and shaped to fit any filtration system, such as: Canister…

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  • Chemiclean Aquarium Treatment

    Cyanobacteria (Red Slime) is a hybrid algae-bacteria that thrive in aquarium waters rich in waste products and dissolved organic matter. It can be very difficult to eliminate this unwanted guest once it has begun to spread. Boyd Chemiclean Aquarium Treatment is a triple-threat treatment for this unattractive pest. Chemiclean removes stains from red, black, blue-green, and methane (bubble) producing cyanobacteria…

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  • Seachem Flourish Excel 2L

    Product Description Flourish Excel™ is a source of bioavailable organic carbon. All plants require a source of carbon. This is typically obtained from CO2, but, may also be derived from simple organic compounds (such as photosynthetic intermediates). The use of either CO2 injection or Flourish Excel™ does not necessarily negate the use of the other. Because the processes of producing…

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  • AI Plant Cleaner

    Removes pesticide residues, attached organisms (shellfish eggs, etc.) and putrefactive bacteria on the surface of aquatic plants. ● Removal rate ・ Carpamate pesticide: 90% ・ Organic hydrochloric acid pesticide: 70% ・ Organic phosphorus pesticide: 43% Removal of other spoilage bacteria and attached organisms ● How to use ・ Dissolve this product in 2L of tap water to remove aquatic plants…

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  • Lowkeys x Aqua Tailors Ammonia and NO2 Plate

    When adding shrimp or when starting a new one, please put it in the aquarium with a pong. We will further stabilize the water quality. Of course, it can also be used for freshwater aquariums other than Red Bee. * The usage and size are the same as those of a non-normal board. See below for details. We have completed…

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  • Seachem Clarity 100mL

    The 100 ml bottle of Seachem Clarity is top of the line water clarifier that is suitable for use in both fresh and saltwater environments. The scientifically formulated solution employs a highly advanced polymeric flocculating agent that is completely safe for all delicate reefs, corals and live plants. When adding Seachem Clarity to the water column, a cloudy hazy will begin to…

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  • Seachem Purigen 100mL

    The 100 ml container of Seachem Purigen is a tool that every hobbyist, both beginner and advanced, should have in their aquatic tool kit. It is a scientifically formulated premium synthetic adsorbent that is not a mixture of ion exchangers or adsorbents, but a unique macro-porous synthetic polymer that removes soluble and insoluble impurities from both freshwater and saltwater at a rate…

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