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  • planaria zero

    Benibachi Planaria Zero

    A product that helps get rid of Planaria, Snails, and Hydra. This is highly recommended to have on hand at all times. NET : 15g [How to use] Please use the following amount for 50 L of aquarium water. 0 to 24 hours: 2 spoons (1 g). 25-48 hours: 2 spoons (1 g). 49 to 72 hours: 1 spoon (0.5…

  • Benibachi Bacteria Bee 3

    Benibachi Bee3 is a mixture of enzyme and chitosan which helps to maintain water quality, promotes growth, coloration and molting of juvenile and adult shrimps. Bee3 can be used on a regular basis to increase clarity of water, or to a point whereby molting improvement is achieved. You can observe that shrimps stop dying during unsuccessful moulting. Benibachi Bee3 is…

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  • Benibachi Breeding Liquid

    Benibachi Breeding Liquid is a highly concentrated Chitin-based additive that promotes breeding. Use it when breeding slows down in your tank. Dosage: One pipette per 50l of water. Dose daily.