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  • biomax astaxanthin

    Biomax Astaxanthin

    Genchem Astaxanthin Color enhancer Biomax astaxanthin is a natural colorant. It is naturally supports the red color of the shrimp, crabs, crayfish, etc. It is industrially produced from the algae Haematococcus Pluvialis. Astaxanthin is related to the known carotenoids β-carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein, but has a 10 times greater effect than the beta-carotenes. Astaxanthin not only provides an improvement of the red…

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    Biomax Freshgen

    Increase the oxygen content in water. For handling and transport of fish and shrimp. Instantly remove ammonia, sulfide and precipitate in water. Transport live animals: Shrimp 0.5 spoonful in 10 litter bag. Fish 1 spoonful in 10 liter bag. Artemia 0.3 spoonful in 10 bag.

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  • Biomax Broodstocker

    Biomax Broodstocker is special food for adult crayfish that are ready to reproduce. Broodstocker provides an optimal addition to the complete feed and improves the breeding results and quality of newborn crayfish. Broodstocker stimulates the production of eggs and improves the development of the offspring. Broodstocker has been specially developed for crayfish and contains a large amount of valuable vitamins, minerals and…

  • Biomax Crayfish

    Product Description A simple daily feed for healthy strong crayfish. This food also contributes to 3 important points of a crayfish’s life. 1. Improved digestibility 2. Sufficient protein to Reduce Cannibalism 3. Contains 5% spirulina and 4% β-glucan Feeding Direction: Feed 25%~35 daily diet daytime and feed 65~75% at night. Product Information: 50gm/bag Ingredients: Marine and animal proteins, plant protein…

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  • Biomax No Planaria 50g

    A product that helps get rid of Planaria. This is highly recommended to have on hand at all times. This helps to and can be used for: 1. Getting rid of planaria and other worm type parasites. 2. As a dipping solution when introducing new shrimps. 3. As a washing and soaking solution for new plants that may carry worms.…

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  • Biomax Recipe

    Product: Genchem Recipe 50 gr – proteins and algae extracts to promote the health of saltwater fish Features: Genchem Recipe is a nourishment of high quality characterized by a high stability and by an excellent protein intake that encourage and promote the growth of your fishes. Ingredients: Selective marine proteins algae extracts carotenoids Preparation: mix Recipe with your favourite ingredients…

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