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  • Shirakura Vivid

    Shirakura Ebi Dama VividĀ is a new food in the Ebi-dama ‘Special’ series specifically designed to strengthen coloration, to be fed weekly with a normal diet of vegetables and other Shirakura foods. It contains natural color enhancers like astaxanthin and calcium, as well as natural vitamins and minerals! Feed this in conjunction with Shirakura foods and clean cool water to see…

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  • Shirakura Arthrobacter

    Shrimp dedicated water purification agent! Strongly to decompose the organic matter in the water and the bottom floor not only the decomposition of ammonia and nitrite! This product is organic matter decomposition enzymes and bacteria to decompose the organic matter in the water and the bottom in the bed prevents the growth of bacteria. Also it will increase shrimp survival…

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  • Shirakura Soft Taste 30g

    Ebi-Dama Soft Taste is a basic feed for shrimp, and is a vegetarian formula. It is high in amino acids, natural fiber and vitamins and minerals. It is great for health, coloration and breeding for shrimp. The difference between Ebi-Dama and Ebi-Dama Soft Taste, is that some shrimp find Ebi-Dama too hard, and would prefer a softer food. The food…

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